Praying God for help


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 Praying God for help

Welcome to my hub; Praying God for help (hub 31)

I am praying God to help me, because my greatest hope remains with God; and let me point this out to you; man needs God and prays to God.

Therefore, in my hours of need, I am praying God to help me; what else we can do when we need help? Here I need to add that this is perhaps the reason why we will always believe in God and pray to God, in all the ways that we know, even if those ways may seem outside the normal ways that we normally use. See all the ways that I am praying here-under.

Now, I need to say here that since I am a Roman Catholic, I am starting most of my prayers the Roman Catholic ways, but if you happen to be of another religion then start your own way as you have been thought from your forbears, I hope you see what I mean.

And thus I pray:

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy-Spirit, I am praying God for help with all my heart my soul and my mind, hoping that in His mercy God would hear my prayer and in His great mercy He would answer me according to His benevolent will.

Almighty Father to you I turn God Most High praying for help in my hours of need; I am praying you since you are the creator of every existing thing and the life giver of every living thing; therefore, just because you are the life giver of every living thing, I believe that for you to heal any living being is possible, so, I am praying and asking for this grace that I need so much to help my daughter who is very sick to become healthy again.

Father, hear my prayer and help us, by letting my daughter be healthy again.

Dear readers here again I would like to point out that man needs God and pray to God; just look at me and how I am restless and desperate to find a way out from this painful event of my life, the illness of my daughter; now, for me the only way left open is to pray God, what else can I do to relieve the pain that is in my heart, and then have some hope, you see sometimes even just hope might help; that is the reason why, God is hope for those that need hope most? Therefore here I continue to pray God, so that I can continue to hope.  

 Praying through Jesus Christ

Here again I am praying Our Heavenly Father and I am praying in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

Almighty Father, here I am praying in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ who is the divine link between you and us Heavenly Father, since Jesus is the divine link that in your mercy You have given freely to us, in order that all humanity could find the will and courage to come back to you through Jesus love. We believe that since Our Lord Jesus Christ has been a real man here on earth, and lived just like one of us human beings, He knows firsthand our anguishes, our despair our misery and pains; so, we feel that he could and would understand us fully when we ask for help and thus I pray Jesus to help us:

Because, when Jesus lived with us on earth he said to us, ask our Heavenly Father and it will be given to you free, since our Heavenly Father will give you good things if you humbly ask Him. And here I am humbly praying and asking you Father to help me in my hours of need, in the hope that you would heal (name) a member of my family.

Heavenly Father I pray you to have mercy on us and help my daughter (name) who is sick to become healthy again; I pray you to ban her sickness from her mind and body and then activate a seed of good health within her, so that, she would be able to become healthy again, and so she would return one day to be just like normal healthy girls of her own age who have never been sick, just like she was years ago.

Father, hear my prayer and let my daughter (name) be healthy again! Amen.

 Praying God for a grace

Explaining to my readers

Dear readers I know I need to explain what I am writing just now, because I am going around in circles and I am saying the same things again and again by praying God again and again; but what else can a man do when the situation becomes desperate? I suppose we can only pray God pray and pray, and this is what I am doing here.

And therefore, I am praying God in my hours of need, thinking that I should pray God for a grace, and if I pray God with all my heart my soul and my mind, then perhaps a grace will be found, I am praying God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, because I believe that Jesus may influence God for a grace, so that, my prayers would have a better chance to be heard and answered favorably and mercifully according to our father will. Father, hear my prayer, amen.

Almighty and merciful Father today I am praying for help in my hours of need, since I believe with all my heart my soul and my mind that for you everything is possible to do, since you are the creator of every existing thing and the life giver of every living thing.

So, this is the prayer which I pray in my hours of need and concerns.

In my hours of need, anguish and concerns to my lord God-Most-High I pray thus:

Almighty and merciful Father, in these hours of need anguish and concerns, praying with all my heart, my soul and my mind earnestly, I call on your mercy praying for help.

I am praying for help in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who knows our human needs and who is the bridge and the way that binds humanity to thy eternal life force.

I am praying and hoping that in your mercy my prayers for help would be heard and answered in a helpful way for me and for my son/daughter or whosoever I may be praying for that might need your help. Father, hear my prayer and help us! Amen.


 My greatest hope remains with God


Dear readers; I am sure that by now you must be thinking what’s the matter with me, why I keep repeating the same things and prayers again and again; but you see a believer cannot move away from his beliefs, because beliefs in this case are hopes for better life, and as we have already said before, we pray to God and hope, because God is hope for those who need hope most. Therefore I hope that you will understand and forgive me, since my greatest hope remains with God, because God is the only one that can do what seems impossible to do. So, I pray God.

I have been praying to you Almighty Father many times, in the hope that you would hear my prayer and help my daughter be healthy again. Now, if I have to do something myself to help her, let me think straight what I need to do, and if the curing doctor is going to be the means whereas my daughter is going to be healthy again, then let the curing doctor see what needs to be done.

I believe that you who are our Heavenly Father would really help her to become healthy again; I hope that I am worthy to receive your grace, so I will try my best to be worthy in your eyes.

And, I believe that the only way for me to achieve this worthiness is that I would have to do something very important in the eyes of God, perhaps like writing something religious in the form of a theory within a prayer, which would help to guide humanity back to religion and therefore to you Our Heavenly Father. So, here and now I undertake that I will write my own religious theory as a prayer of gratitude to you Almighty Father, and I humbly pray you to accept my writings as my personal prayer, which I am going to write for the rest of my life, or at least as long as I am mentally and physically capable of writing them.

Therefore, now I have to keep praying and also writing my religious writing, since I have promised God to write them. Because I feel deep within my heart that the outcome of my prayer to God to heal my daughter is going to be equal to the beliefs that I have within myself; so I have to keep praying if I want my daughter to become healthy again; and I believe that she will be really healthy one day, and she will be as if she has never been sick.

Of course one day I would like to inform you my dear reader, about the outcome of my personal prayer to our Heavenly Father for my daughter, but just now I would like to point it out to you that I already feel confident that my daughter will be healthy again. Because after writing my prayer to God Most High, I will be reading it daily whenever possible as the prayer that will save my daughter. At this present time I already see some improvements, therefore I have reason to believe that my daughter will be healthy again one day; but I have to keep praying and I have to keep my promise to God, so I have to write my religious writings as best as I can.

I believe that one day my religious writings could prove to be helpful for mankind in religious matters, because they could help mankind consolidate their religious beliefs, or at least would help mankind find their way back to God, to believe in God and to serve God. And these same writings might become one day the beginning of the religion of the future. I believe that it is my duty to God and to all humanity that I should write my religious beliefs. Since I believe in what I am going to write here, not only because I feel it from within my heart that it is a good thing to do for the whole benefit of mankind, but I also feel this force deep from within me and it drives me to write my religious beliefs. Therefore now, I am going to do my part and I am going to keep my promise to God our Father, and I am going to write and complete my writings of, Reconciliation of the Universe, even if I have to write them for the rest of my life.

So, I am praying you who are Our Heavenly Father to help me to write only the right religious things in my religious writings. Father, hear my prayer and help me!

What I have been writing here is part of my religious writings of, Prayers for Reconciliation, which at the end becomes Reconciliation of the Universe, which is going to be a theory to help humanity work out their differences; I could explain the beginning of this theory and what would achieve thus:


We will have to set the stage for the entire world to see.

And whoever will read these writings might agree with me.

That here we are trying to find a way to God for all humanity;

In order to stay in touch with God-life-force for eternity

Therefore, I am praying God our Father to guide and help me.

Praying God to help me is to be continued: Next time with, another religious post.