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May God help me to say the right things?

As you all know, in our last hub we have talked about what my soul is telling me, in this hub we are going to continue the same personal theme, except that we will be talking about, what my body, heart and mind is telling me. We will also talk about other things that are linked with our inner self. So let us see how we can describe that.

Now as I said, in our last article we have talked about our soul, now let us talk about our earthly things, my body, my mind and my heart. So, let me start briefly from the beginning of our entire life and what we should be doing with our own life so to speak. I suppose that first of all we would want to find out that our life is well worth living, then, we would want to see what our life could or should mean to us and everybody else, in other words to live a meaningful life. Now, in order to live a meaningful life we should really observe what is happening around us and learn from it, above all learn all those things that change during one’s own life. Not only we should observe what happens around us, but we also should make our own minds up and see if what is happening is good or bad and store this knowledge in our minds, so that at the end of our life we could and should be able to say something to the generations that will follow us, as this is the duty of any human being, so to speak.

Now, if one thinks about all the changes that take place during one’s life, one could say that life is never still and keeps changing all the time. So,  life could also be compared to a butterfly metamorphosis, which is a cycle that goes around and then starts all over again, not only the butterfly metamorphosis forms a cycle, but also many other things happen to go around in circles as well, so, we should be able to tell these changes if we observe them carefully.

Now let us start from, when a child is born. When a child is born, he (here he means also she, I, us and they) seems so innocent he looks like an angel, and he also thinks many innocent things; so one is inclined to think that there is a connection between the new born child and heaven and the angels, because it feels as if he has come from heaven above. But this is not going to last forever, because this child is going to grow up, so let us see what happens next while he is growing up and later on in life, his views of life and also religions, since these hubs are mainly about religious, we need to state his religious views.

 Growing up cycle and views

This is what my heart and mind is telling me, while we are looking at the cycle of life that we all go through during our lives.

First of all let us look at a young man growing up views;

When a boy grows up, he will start learning and thinking according to what his parents will teach him, we can safely say that his parents will teach him what they have been taught from their own parents, therefore it is safe to assume that his parents will teach him religious things as they know them and these teachings will reinforce his own inborn religious feelings, and somehow he will try hard to live his life in a religious way as he has been thought from his parents until he grows older.

But when he becomes a young grown up man, he will becomes interested very much about earthly life and sex, this is only natural if he is a normal healthy man, he becomes interested very much about his human friends and what they do, and he will follow them no matter what they do, usually it happens that young healthy people are arrogant and believe only in themselves while they are young and strong, so, they tend to ridicule their mates if they show any sign of weakness. Religion for these young people is a sign of weakness; so he is trapped from these vicious circumstances, and therefore he could not and would not follow religion very much while he is in the company of his friends, even if in his heart he is a very religious man.

This way of life will usually last for a very long time during his life, in fact it may last all his life until he becomes old, weak and vulnerable; accept if during his life it happens that some hardship strikes him and he feels that he is in danger and needs help, but there is nobody on earth available or able to help him, and in his desperate position he remember what his parents have thought him about God, so he turns to God and prays, as there is nothing else that can help him. This is the way that most men behave during their lives; they will turn to God and religion only when they are in danger and desperate.

But when a man becomes older and wiser he feels the need to question his own behaviour about religious beliefs, so, by reasoning within himself he comes to the conclusion that it would be better for him if he returns to his religious beliefs that his parents have thought him, just for his own personal reasons, now let us see what those reasons could be.

There are a few reasons for a man for returning to religion at his old age, which are:

(1) He might have been a believer all his life deep within his heart, but people around him were not religious people, so during his younger life he lived as a non believer, because he felt that he would have been ridiculed from his friends, if he had admitted to them that he was a real believer. But now, because he is an old man he wouldn’t and doesn’t care about what other people think about his religious beliefs, and therefore he comes back to believing in religion openly, as his heart and soul guides him.

(2) He might have been born in a family whom didn’t practice religion, and therefore during his younger life he did not believe in God and religion at all, because nobody had thought him religion when he was young. But during his life he has met some religious people, who while conversing have expressed their religious beliefs, this has helped him learn about God and religion. So now, he has become religious and practice religion openly in his old age.

(3) He might have been born in a family of non believers, because the members of his family were all born in this circle of non believers, which would openly ridicule or harm anybody that was a religious member, therefore he has lived all his life as a non believer.

But now he has grown old and he knows that soon or later he will have to die, this knowledge of his pending death makes him look back at the way of life he has lived till now; he starts thinking whether it was right to live the way he has lived his life as a non believer, and deep within his heart he may becomes worried and perhaps scared of what he has done with his life. He asks himself: What about if there is life after death? I know that my body death is inevitable no matter what I do. So, is there any way that I can save at least a bit of myself? And at his old age he starts believing in religion, in the hope that he can save at least his soul somehow.

(4) Whatever reasons have held back religious beliefs within a man, or given rise to religious beliefs during his lifetime; those same reasons now are pushing this old man to believe in God in his old age. Not only will this old man believe in God and religion; but deep within his heart he will feel the need to pass his religious knowledge to future generations, because he wants the future generations to know about God and religions.

(5) These religious facts that I have written above definitely apply also to me. So, now that I am an old man, and therefore, I have learned many religious things during my life time, I feel the need to carefully write what I have learned down for the benefit of future generations.

In order to achieve this I need to make a list of subject, which could and would be similar to the list of subject that apply at the end of the hub called, What my soul is telling me.

List of subjects required

Hereunder is a list of subject required to explain today religious situation?

What my soul is telling me, what my heart, my mind and body is telling me.

I believe that in order to make my writings easier to understand, I have to divide these subjects in groups, and there will be at least four main groups of items to be talked about:

I believe that apart from what I have written above, I need to collect all the other personal writings in single groups as much as I can, so that they would make sense to the readers.

First main group:

(1) First of all I need to write my present personal reasons, feelings happenings and views, which are able to show my readers how and why I am being driven nowadays to write these religious writings, that is to say: What are the forces nowadays that drive me to write my religious beliefs?

(2) I need to write and explain to my readers how I became a real religious believer; that is to say: What were (or have been) the forces that have made me become a religious believer?

(3) I need to write about the ways which I am working on, in order that I can make my religious writings worthwhile and easy for everybody to understand;

(4) My dear reader; In order to describe these subjects above, I may have to start from many different points of view, and be forced to go through many different ways to explain my views; but they will all lead to the same conclusion, which is that today we definitely need to find a new way for World Religious Reconciliation, because of what is happening in the world.

Second main group:

(1) Religion has always existed since the beginning of recorded time, therefore, it would be important to show that people have always had the need to believe in some sort of religions, and what were those primitive religions like?

(2) In order to support a general view about religion and prove that we need religion, I ought to write about it, and try to explain it in several possible ways.

(3) I need to learn or even just read about most of the world religions, so that I may be able to compare them to my Roman Catholic religion. And after that I need to write about what I have learned from them, be it right or wrong.

Third main group:

(1) Present days’ religions and the many reasons why they fail to keep all religions together;

Looking at the world of today, there is this need to review religions in a modern way, so that the whole world could believe into one single unified religion, and therefore when that has been done religions may not find an excuse to fight and they will stop fighting each other.

(2) And then, I have to write about my own religious theory, and how this theory could and would solve all those religious problems, in order to bring to the world a new way of peaceful religious beliefs, and therefore the World Religious Reconciliation

Fourth main group:

What can be done to set things right: Theory of Reconciliation of the Universe.


First main group; answers for first reason.

What are the forces nowadays that drive me to write my religious beliefs?

Deep from within my soul, my heart and my mind, I feel driven by God nowadays to write my religious beliefs for the benefit of future generations.

I am an old man now and I have seen lots of things during my life, I have learned through the ups and downs of my life many things great and small; but the greatest thing of all that I have learned is that mankind needs to believe in God and religion, it has been so since the beginning of recorded times, because without religion life may seem void and not worth living. I will return to discuss religions in more details later on in my writings, as now I have some other important things to tell you.

So, now that I am an old and wise man, I want to say what I believe in God, and so, contribute to the future betterment of mankind by writing my religious life learning as much as I can.

I have observed and I have learned during my life, that people usually turn to God and pray only when they find themselves in a helpless position, and the more they find themselves in a desperate and helpless position, the more they will pray God for help, especially if there is no other way out for them except that they can pray God, pray and pray; so the phrase that says that God is hope for those who need hope most is exactly how things really are.

Being in this helpless situation has also happened to me several times during my life, therefore, I have been praying God so many times, in the hope that God would help me out. And, it so happens that today, (while I am writing this article for the first time) I am in one of the most desperate situation of my life, and therefore I feel that I have no choice but to continue to Pray God, pray and pray, hoping that God would hear my prayers and grant me my earthly requests.

My dear readers; by now I am sure that you start asking yourself what’s the matter with me, and why I have not yet fully explained to you what is the matter with me, and why I keep going back saying that a religious man in trouble prays to God prays and prays. I have been saying this because that is really what’s deep within my heart right now, which is that I am about to pray and ask God for my own personal help for me, including my sick daughter and my family; and I believe that in his mercy God may even grant me my requests.

But now, before I start praying God and request what I want right now, let me tell you the story from the beginning, as it is one of the most important happenings of my life, which have driven me to write my religious writings. This story will show you how God works in mysterious ways, and in a strange way God guides you to do what He wants.

May God hear our prayers and grant our earthly requests, amen.