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Religions could be man made

Welcome to my hub of Religions could be manmade (hub 45)

There are reasons to believe that religions could be man-made, and if we believe that religions are manmade, then we need to explain religions in a better way and in a different way also, we need to explain why they have been made up first of all, and then why they have been made up the way that they have been made up.

But that is not all because religions might not be all made up and there are some other reasons that we know already, why they have been made up the way they are today. Now, having seen what my religious friends were saying about religions in our last few hubs, there are reasons to believe that we need to explain religions in better and perhaps in a different way, if we want religions to continue to serve humanity, as they have done in the past for thousands of years, we have also to admit that religions sometimes have done the wrong thing, but overall they have served humanity well.

Let us start to talk about religious books

Dear readers, as we have already seen from our previous hubs and religious discussions, there are many other religions in the world; therefore we might have to assume that religions could be very likely manmade, This does not mean that God does not exist at all, but it means that we should not follow blindly all religions and religious leaders who claim whatever they claim to be true in their religious order. Therefore, we should first of all use our common sense and if we see that something does not make sense, then we should use our logic common sense and really check it out to see if there is any possibilities that it may or may not be true what is being said.

If we talk about the Bible, perhaps what we want to prove here for a start is not whether seven days of at the beginning of the Bible were really seven days or thousands of years; but we also want to prove that whatever is written in the Bible is the truth, which I am afraid it might not be so. Therefore, it is time that man wakes up and sees the truth, I know that this is going to hurt many believers, but the truth is that man wrote the bible, perhaps it was God inspiration at the beginning, but then they wrote and re-wrote it until whoever were in possession of the Bible words could control all believer under them. This is what I believe myself, but then I might be wrong. So here again I would like to consult and employ the help of my friends to see what they have to say about this religious dilemma.

 Talking about religious issues

Talking religious issues with my friend

Since we have the intention of continuing these religious writings, even if they are becoming a bit hard how to write them and also to meet with my friends to talk about religions, therefore I may have to change the way of how I collect my religious discussions and also other issues that come with publishing these writings on the Internet. So, I am going to talk to my friends about this whenever and wherever I meet one of them, or several of them.

The other day I went to see Mark and we talked for a while about these religious issues, in our talks we somehow came to the conclusion that perhaps we really need to criticize the way the Bible is being explained to the believers, whenever and wherever we believe that they have got it wrong, with this we did not mean that the Bible is/was wrong, but the way that people use it might be wrong, because of all those double meanings that occur in the Bible.

Then there is also the facts that when the Bible was written for the first time, everything was a lot different from today, therefore the Bible was written according to those time in order to guide the people of those times, therefore if the Bible was to be written these days it definitely would have been written in a different way, we are pretty sure about that.

Now, keeping in mind what I have just said above, I and Mark believe that it might be necessary to write a few articles to show what we mean about criticizing the Bible, whenever and wherever we believe there are issues that don’t agree with our own understanding of the Bible, just to show the public how we see those religious issues.

Here I have to admit that I am really thinking about this religious issue, because it does worry me a bit, because most people don’t like anybody that criticize the Bible openly, but anyhow it might be necessary to do it; not only because we would like to show the world that some of those meanings are wrong, but also because it is necessary to know they are wrong and that it is necessary to do something about it.

Now the question arises, where we can find an important enough religious issue that needs to be reported to the public so to speak. So that one day people would understand why my theory of, Reconciliation of the universe has been written. So, I am thinking what the public or my religious friends could say about all this. 

Religious discussions with friends

Religious discussions with Gino and Peter

A few days after my meeting with Mark, just by chance I encountered Gino and Peter; this is Peter that said he believed in religions very much like Gino, we have met Peter in one of the last articles, if I remember right he said that perhaps there must be another logic explanation why the Bible claims that man was made from plain dirt.

Anyhow after chatting about a few unimportant but happy events, where people try to have good time and tell a joke or two and laugh, we ended up again talking about religions, as I asked them whether they had given any thought about what we were discussing last time we met.

Well they said, we have indeed thought a bit about it, perhaps not very seriously and we still believe that there must be another explanation why the Bible says that man was made from plain dirt. Yes indeed there could not only be just another explanation, but perhaps it is more likely that there are several explanations, so we could indeed tell you what we think might have happened in those times, which is just as we all have been thinking that religions are manmade after all, therefore we must look at the reasons why man wanted that God would create man from plain dirt. While this was going on they seemed as if they were trying hard to compete with each other, and each one of them was trying to tell me his story first, as if it was a competition about who told the best story first.

Okay I said, I see that you both want to tell me this story of how things happened then, but take your time and tell me one story that could make sense so to speak and let us try to speak one at a time, so let us start with a story that both of you believe that it could have been possible.

Therefore, just for the time being, let us get started by telling me one of those stories that seems to be a bit more believable so to speak. Gino as you are older you can start by telling me this story and Peter can just come in whenever it is appropriate, and thus Gino started.

As we have already said about the creation of man before, man cannot be created from dirt, because even God has got to be subject to the laws of nature, because God first and foremost uses the natural ways to create or achieve anything.

But the ancient Jews wanted that their God had to be more powerful than all the other gods put together, so they invented this god so powerful that could create a man from plain dirt.

Here Peter comes in and says do you see what we mean? They (the Jews) wanted this super god that had so much super powers that was even able to create a man from dirt.

Can you just imagine how powerful a god must be since he can create a real man from plain dirt?

Perhaps this idea came about when man started to make statues and wished so much that those statues could become real people or animals, or whatever they had made would come to life. Therefore they started to think that perhaps God would be able to do that, and thus that idea became the great legend in the Bible.

I said I see what you mean, but even this might not be enough for a real explanation.

Thanks for trying anyhow.

This is all what was said about religions at this encounter.

 What we should believe about religions.

One may as well ask what we should believe about religions.

During our religious discussions with my friends we are having real difficulty in proving that God created life and everything else in the world and even the existence of God, now with this last discussion above that I had with my friends Gino and Peter it has become even worse. Sometimes I start thinking that perhaps the atheists might be right when they say that there is no god; and here I may add something myself and say, if there is no god then there is also no justice in this world or the next, since God and religions are the fundamental rules that in a way guarantees justice; I hope you see what I mean?

There is also the fact that I am not able to explain to myself everything about life that needs to be explained and therefore I believe that there should be a god; there must be a god for many reasons, because for most people if there is no god there is no hope, no justice or meaning about their lives.

Can you just imagine that there is no god and people that happen to suffer in this world cannot even think of something that gives them a tiny bit of hope, what sort of world is this? Would these people that already find life hard enough despair even more?

I know that we have even called this hub, Religions could be manmade, but this does not mean that there must not be a god al all in any shape or form. Anyhow there are indeed many reasons to believe that religions are manmade, but also there is the possibility that God really exists.

I believe that I have said enough in this hub, so see you with my next hub, perhaps after I have had another religious discussion with my religious friends.