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Religious discussions four

Welcome to my hub (44), religious discussions four.

Whichever way we look at it we have to say that religions are really so complex that we could go on forever arguing about what is right and what is wrong: which religion is good and which one is not that good; what beliefs could be true and what cannot be true at all, and above all, does God really exist or is it all a human invention? These questions about religions have been there for ages, are very true today and could for sure arises in the future if we are not able to find a satisfactory way that explains religions in a better way than the explanations we have today. In fact in the future it might become more urgent to find a good answer to these religious questions.

It is going to be so, because now that people could learn a lot faster than they used to learn before, since most people have access to a computer and the computer makes it easy to find any information we want, we should ask ourselves what is going to happen to religions when the people realise that there are so many religions in the whole wide world beside their own religious beliefs.

Is it possible that the earth people will ignore this new found knowledge and continue to believe in religions just the way that they have been for thousands of years?

Or perhaps people will see all these existing religions and they will start to believe that religions could be man-made  this subject we are going to discuss in our next hub, it is because we believe that these religious questions are complex and need to be explained somehow.

Now having come so far writing many articles about religions, I believe that I have to continue to write about religions, in the hope that with the help of my friends and perhaps God, I may be able to find a way that will explain religions in a modern way, that is if there is a way and I am able to find it and then publish it here.

With this decision in mind I have made up my mind that somehow I am going to talk to my religious friends again about religions, I have to explain to them the reasons why I want to find out more about religions and how they could help me achieve that, in the hope that I would be able to see how religions would become in the future.

Now that I have explained to my readers what is on my mind, all I have to do is to meet with my religious friends and start discussing these religious issues.


 Calling on my religious friend

Calling on my friend Mark

A few days after the meeting that I have talked about in the last two hubs, I was thinking that perhaps I should invite some of my friend’s home again, but this involved to tell them what I wanted to do or find another excuse to invite them, but in the end I decided to visit first my more serious and trusted friend Mark, as I wanted to talk to him one to one instead of talking with all my other friends religious or otherwise together.

So, one day I went to see Mark at his home knowing that this was his day off from work, when I arrived at his home there was this other friend with him, but anyhow it was John the bloke that read the end of the Bible in one of our previous hub; The end of time discussions, therefore the presence of John did not worry me, since John is a religious bloke and religions is what I wanted to talk about. The reason that John was there is that he lives up the street and he was going to the shops past Mark house, he saw that Marl was there and decided to stop just to exchange a few words Mark.

So when I arrived John was about to leave, but my arrival stopped him, as Mark invited me and him back inside to have a cup of tea or drink something.

Anyhow we set down and we started to talk, and soon I was talking about a short chance meeting that I had with Gino and Peter the previous day and the short religious talk that I had with them, so I told Mark and John in detail what was said thus;

Gino and Peter believe that man cannot be created from plain dirt, because even God must be subject to the laws of physic or natural laws, and anyhow, if there is really a God, God will use first of all the natural laws to create anything.

And then they came up with this theory that the Hebrews wanted their God more powerful than any other god and they invented a god so powerful that could even create a man from dirt.

They backed this up with some other ways of reasoning that somehow could make sense.

I have come here to talk about this and see just what do you think about this theory of Gino and Peter. Do you think that it is possible what they have said?

Now if you believe that that could be possible, then for the first time we seem to have explained the Bible in a different way, so, from now on we have a real challenge ahead of us, as we might find many other religious writings in the Bible that might need to be explained in a new way, and the reason why they have been written the way they have been written.

Now I would like to know what you think about Gino and Peter theory and also what do you think we could do to find out more about how to solve these religious problems, you know I am keen to write my religious theory and suggest to the world our religious theory, I know that it is only going to be a simple religious theory, but it could be a start of a new religious way.

 John reaction to their theory

John reaction to Gino and Peter theory

Dear reader I have to say that I really did not want to involve John in these religious talks, but as it happens sometime he was there already anyhow, so it would have been rude to get rid of him and now we have to see what he wants to say, because there is no way to stop him now, as he seems impatient and he wants to say what he things about Gino and Peter theory, so even though I have not ask directly his opinion now I have to hear it anyhow.

John answer

I wonder what has gone wrong with Gino and Peter, as they have been my friends for a long time, so, I really don’t know why they are turning atheist or what these days. I am saying that they are turning atheist because that is the only way that I can explain what they have said about the Bible and the creation of man.

Why are they saying that God cannot create man from dirt, when the Bible says that he did create man from dirt? Why they try to find all these excuses to change the meanings of the Bible when the Bible has been written thousands of years ago from people inspired from God and billions of people believe that it is so?

Why should the Jews invent their own God, as if God needs to be invented? I don’t like to say this, but they should really be ashamed of themselves for saying so many profane things about God and the Bible.

I believe that they are being brainwashed from the atheists, otherwise they would not say or believe what they have said.

What gave John and Gino this idea that the Jews invented their own God in such a way that would be a mighty super God? And then, to show that their God was a super God they made God create man from dirt, as this is an impossible thing to do even for a God. Have they really understood the Bible when is says that God made man as his own imagine?

I really cannot understand what has gone wrong with them to turn to atheism.

Here John started to calm down as he had said what he thought about Gino and John, so, we knew that soon everything would be normal again, and we could have normal discussions. And so hear what my friend Mark had to say.

 Discussions with Mark and John

More religious discussions with Mark and John

Now that John had said what he really wanted to say, we were back to normal discussions, so Mark started talking and said;

I believe that you have had a real interesting discussion with Gino and Peter about this creation of mankind in the Bible; but I cannot help thinking that Gino specially when he is with Peter or someone else like him Gino can tell you some extreme views of the whole situation, therefore to say that he is becoming an atheist is wrong, because I know Gino very well and I can tell you that sometimes he likes to exaggerate things just for the fun of it, I am telling this specially for you John, because you seem to worry about this religious situation that Gino has got into.

John said; okay Mark I can see what you mean; but I believe what I believe and I am not going to hold it back, therefore when I strongly believe that I have to speak out, I will speak out and this is just what I did, okay. Anyhow let us hear what you think yourself about what they said.

And Mark continues to tell us his views; you see Gino and Peter have sometimes extreme views, but when reflecting what they have said in this instance and many other things put together it might not seem that extreme after all.

So, let us reflect a bit on this situation by using our own intelligence and imagination; first of all there have been always extreme beliefs and views in religions, if we look back at history we will find that religions have helped mankind in many ways; but then, many other times religions have done things so extreme and terrible, in order to achieve these things religions needed something that one may call extreme that is how it works out.

You see you cannot control people just by being nice to them; people need rules and somebody or something that enforces those rules and that is the reason why religions have been written the way they have been written.

I am sorry to say this John, but what is written in religious books is not always the truth, or the ways that the religious things really are. Therefore, if Gino and Peter have gone out of the way of the beliefs that everybody accept, just because we have been told that that is the truth; then Gino and Peter may have got it right this time, just because what they are saying is just as extreme as the creation of mankind in the Bible, of we use our own logic reasoning mind.

We have also to keep in mind that there are some other major religions that explain the creation of man in different ways; here I am talking about the Indus religions and I quote;   

“Hinduism perceives the whole creation and its cosmic activity as the work of three fundamental forces symbolized by three gods, which constitutes the Hindu Trinity or ‘Trimurti’: Brahma - the creator, Vishnu - the sustainer, and Shiva - the destroyer.” End of quote. It is said that mankind sprang from Brahma body and there were four caste, or type of men. As you can see this is somehow different from the Bible creation.  

For these reasons, I may as well say well done Gino and Peter, since you have opened a new way on how to challenge those things in the Bible that don’t make sense.

What do you think about all what I have said, Frank and John?

Here Mark stopped talking, so we exchanged our views about what had been said overall, and started talking about the weather and the news of the day.

Reflecting on what has been said above and in the hubs before, I believe that Mark is right and perhaps I may really have to meet with my religious friends again in the future, and somehow try to discuss, how we could review what is written in the Bible, even as you know modifying or changing the meanings in the Bible may sometimes make me feel a bit scared; you know I am still a believer and those curses that are written in the Bible sometimes worry me.

I believe that I have said enough in this hub, so, see you next time, where we would be writing about, religions could be man-made.